The Echo34 IRC Network was built to help bring together a community that firmly believes in the ideals that one community with a variety of options, is better off than a variety of communities with no options. Therefore this network is online and open to anyone with an interest in music, gaming, chatting, finding good friends, or just simply enjoying the small things in life.

 Current News
New UK based Server on Echo34
25 Mar 2011 - Zyferus
Welcome irc.bassdrive.com to Echo34! Thanks to Bassdrive for providing another offsite server! We now have increased capacity and added stability, now that we have our servers on multiple sources. So please let me be the first to say: "Welcome!"

Refinements and a brief update
20 Jan 2011 - JRBlood
As of 2011-01-19, we have unlinked irc.cwcc.com as that server is on it's last legs and has been very unstable. The good news is that services moved over to its new server with no loss of data, so everyone's accounts and channel settings were preserved. :) If you have any reference to irc.cwcc.com or it's IP, then you need to use irc.echo34.com or irc.echo34.net instead, otherwise you're good to go :).

New Servers and Facebook!
16 Sept 2010 - Zyferus
We have brought up and incorporated two new servers into our network. This should ease the load off our poor old server we have had since the beginning. This poor thing is starting to show it's age so we decided to lighten the load. Also, we have a new FaceBook page! Search for Echo34, and be a fan 'like' us!

Small update for Echo34
19 Apr 2010 - Zyferus
Made a small update to our network functionality. Those that were not connected at the time of the update will have to register your nickname all over again, please join #echo34 for info regarding that. One big advantage is if you forget your password now, it can be retrieved and emailed to you!

Major Changes for Echo34
01 Apr 2009 - Zyferus
As you may have already noticed, there has been a great deal of work being done on both the Echo34 and RaveTrax websites! We have a new server that we are working on hosting the new website, and possibly even the chat. Thanks JR! Also, Services have been updated recently so you may have recently lost your nickserv registration. Please donít panic. Just register again and we will help to get you back to where you were before. If you have questions, comments or concerns feel free to jump in chat.