Services Help / HostSERV
HostSERV, a neat service that allows users to show custom vHosts (virtual hosts) instead of their real IP address. Available commands are listed below; to use them, type /hs command.

For more information on a specific command, type /hs help command.

HostSERV's commands include:
    ON - Activates your assigned vhost
    OFF - Deactivates your assigned vhost
    GROUP - Syncs the vhost for all nicks in a group
    REQUEST - Requests a vhost for your nick
Other commands available to HostSERV Admins: SET, SETALL, DEL, DELALL, LIST, ACTIVATE, REJECT, WAITING

 Commands List
Syntax: /hs on
Turns your custom and/or personalized vHost on and hides your default hosthask or ip from everyone except the network admins.

Syntax: /hs off
Turns your custom and/or personalized vHost off and allows everyone on the network to see your default hostmask or ip.

Syntax: /hs group
Will assign your current, custom and/or personalized vHost to all the nicknames in the user group of the current nick.

Syntax: /hs request host
Will request a vHost form the network. This is not an automated service. You may request a vHost at any time, but we reserve the right to approve vHost for those that donate time, cash, or help support the network in other ways.

Note: The host should be formated like this example - /hs